Light the Night Bondi 2013

Bondi Beach, awash in gold, blue, and white light, as thousands take to the sands.

We’re all used to seeing the eastern icon in daylight, golden sand, pasty tourists sparkling in the shining sun and the ocean dazzling. It’s time to get set for a beautiful new vision of our most iconic beach. Light the Night is returning to the shores of Bondi to raise funds and awareness for Leukaemia, and to give you a sight you won’t soon forget.

The unforgettable walk starts at Bondi Pavilion on Queen Elizabeth Drive at 5:30pm where you can collect your lantern, and enjoy an official welcome. At 7pm, you can participate in the stunning lantern lighting ceremony and start the walk, taking in our picturesque Bondi Beach sparkling with the warm, shimmering light.


The Leukaemia Foundation is hoping to raise $1 million for blood cancer research, stating: “The more we raise, the more hope we can give.” There are three lanterns to choose from; gold, to remember a loved one; white, to reflect your own life; or blue, to show your support. And if you sign up to the event now, you get one of these lanterns for FREE.

Can’t make it to Bondi on the 20th? You can also host your own event where Light the Night will provide lanterns, posters, invitations and a guide to everything you need to know to plan a fantastic evening. Donations can be made in the form of buying a lantern, hat or t-shirt to show your support for the Leukaemia Foundation.


So, sign up now to take in a view of Bondi that you will only see once a year, aglow in gold, white, and blue.

When: From 5:30pm, September 20th 2013
Where: Bondi Pavillion, Queen Elizabeth Drive
How much: Register early for free, or sign up on the night for $5
More info and registration: Visit the Light the Night website

Published on Urban Society / 7 August, 2013

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